On the Procurement side, we would like to (just this once) use the
phrase “world-wide”: We’ll tell you things we’ve really done, and
that we can really do. Sadly, so much of it was literally at the Secret
Level, that we appear only as good as we were 30 days ago.
(LMC incorporated in 1985)

We’ve done a lot of work for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in both Virginia and at the Missile and Space
Intelligence Center (MSIC). As a small business, they come to us with requirements they sometimes don’t want on
Fed Biz Opps or publically solicited as the requirement may be of a sensitive nature. This is where the term worldwide
is factual, correct and accurate. We have done extensive work at Redstone Arsenal, in both import and export
of high-end Information Technology equipment. Lucille Maud Corporation was responsible for the brokerage and
logistics of compiling a 53’ ocean-going container full of pallet-sized 220v hp® printers, managing and supervising
the inventory, loading, tracking, handling international customs while at sea, tracking by GPS, arranging ship
unloading and motor freight carrier to Royal Air Force Station Molesworth (or more simply) RAF Molesworth, UK.

We’ve brokered 7+ pallets of 220v printers to Joint Base Balad,
formerly Balad Air Base and Logistics Support Area Anaconda, 64
kilometers North of Baghdad, flown in, FedEx, on time, under
budget, half way around the world.

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As a procurement agent for the government, we’ve brought lab equipment in from Germany and
France, and have shipped IT equipment to Japan, Guam, and
Afghanistan, utilizing both civilian and military transport.

 Functional Area 3.12 – Information System (IS) Development, information Assurance (IA) and Information
Technology (IT) Support

Lucille Maud Corporation - 30 years. Numerous contracts.

Agency                                                   Client Contract #                                  Start/End
DIA/MSIC                                               HHM402-10-P-0341                             09/10-06/13                     $317,000
HQ USCENTAF A7-CE-F3UTA7           FA 4803-07-P-0151                              08/07-12/07                     $79,614
MTA LIRR                                              Numerous contracts                             06/07-12/10                      $3.2M
DIA/MSIC (collateral SECRET)             HHM402-10-P-0280                              07/10-7/11 DD-254          clearance

LMC has been providing complex brokerage services for years on several contracts. As a Procurement Agent, LMC
represents buyers and sellers worldwide, providing brokerage services without taking title to the goods. Procedures
are developed at the beginning of each contract and reports are generated and provided to the customer. LMC provides
brokerage services for government buyers of Information Technology equipment, Lab equipment, utilizing Air France,
DHL Ocean Going Freight, FedEx, throughout Western and Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia and Southwest Asia.

AgencyClient                                        Contract #                                            Start/End
DIA/MSIC (PACOM) Pearl Harbor       HHM402-10-C-0152                             09/10-03/11                       $1,110,000.00
DIA/MSIC (two-axis rate table)            HHM402-10-C-0152                             02/10-08/10                         $393,750.00
DIA/MSIC USEUCOM JAC (UK)         HHM402-07-C-0059                             07/07-10/07                         $452,882.51
DIA/MSIC                                            HHM402-07-C-0025                             01/07-10/07                          $354,506.00
CCAM-RD-B (AMRDEC) AMCOM      W31P4Q-10-P0365                               08/10-12/10                         $458,160.00