qualified staffing

Qualified Staffing

From traditional temporary help to managed staffing services, we deliver flexible workforce solutions that achieve your business objectives. We set our values and standards high and made a strong commitment to serving our clients and employees. Caring about their well-being is the soul of our organization. Beyond that, we’re a group of managed staffing professionals best described as fanatical when it comes to helping fuel your success.

Suitability for a job is typically assessed by looking for the Knowledge Skill Ability and Other characteristics (KSAOs) that are sought in a candidate for that job. These can be determined via one or more of: Screening Resumes (also known as curriculum vitae or CVs); Job Applications; Biographical Information Blanks which are assessments that ask for a more extensive background than applications; or job interviews. Various psychological tests can be used to assess a variety of KSAOs, including literacy. Assessments are also available to measure physical ability. Our recruiters and agencies may use application tracking systems to filter candidates, along with software tools for psychometric testing and performance-based assessment. In many countries, employers are legally mandated to ensure their screening and selection processes meet equal opportunity and ethical standards. Some employers seek to go further than the bare minimum of "equal opportunity awareness" among hiring staff, by specifically seeking to create diversity in their workforces.

Employers are likely to recognize the value of candidates who encompass soft skills such as interpersonal or team leadership. Many companies, including multinational organizations and those that recruit from a range of nationalities, are also often concerned about whether candidates will fit into the prevailing company culture.


Staffing, Light Industrial, Recruiting, Contract, Direct Hire, Temp-To-Perm, Executive Search, Clerical, IT, Engineering, Administration, Professional and Executive, Call Center, Training, Business Development.

·       Integrity. Above all else, we treat our clients and employees with honesty, respect and reliability. True caring about their well-being is the soul of our organization.

·       Experienced, engaged management. Our managers are dedicated to completely understanding your operations and business challenges. We combine this in-depth knowledge with a wealth of staffing experience to deliver comprehensive workforce solutions.

·       Flexible solutions. From flexible service options to customized orientations, we can adapt everything we do to meet your unique staffing needs.

·       WRC Certified. Our risk management training helps us minimize risk in the workplace and keep our employees – and yours – safer on the job.

·       Exceptional candidates. To ensure a consistent flow of exceptionally qualified candidates across all our service lines, we proactively recruit from a variety of sources:

o   Employee referrals

o   Internet (Qualified Staffing website, CareerBuilder, Michigan Talent Bank)

o   Newspaper and Radio advertising

o   Career Fairs

o   Community Organizations

Lucille Maud Corporation is proud to say 70% of the staff we place are repeat customers.

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